Thursday, 25 October 2012



  • Borderless Musical Beach Party 2010 (Redang Island - Terengganu) 
  • Fahrenheit's Halloween event (Sri Hartamas - Kuala Lumpur) 
  • Christmas's Count Down (Tropicana City Mall) 

  • Borderless Musical Beach Party 2012's Press Conference (Geographer - Puchong) 
  • Borderless Musical Beach Party 2012 (Redang Island - Terengganu)

  • Guest band at Passport to Fame Finals 2013 
  • Borderless Music Compilation Album 2013 Press Conference (Geographer - Puchong) 
  • Borderless Music Compilation Album Promo Show 2013 - Guitar Store Cheras 
  • Music Tornado Festival 2013 Press Conference & Promo Show 2013 - Station one Signature 
  • Borderless Music Compilation Album Promo Show 2013 (Dong Men, Scott Garden) 
  • Music Tornado Festival 2013 Promo Show (Geographer Puchong)
  • Borderless Music Compilation Album Promo Show 2013 (1980's Cafe, Kluang) 
  • AiFm Interview for Borderless Music Compilation Album 2013— 
  • Music Tornado Festival 2013 Promo Show (Showhouse Sunway Giza) 
  • 988 Interview for Music Tornado Festival 2013 
  • Spotlite Magazine Interview for Music Tornado Festival 2013 
  • Music Tornado Festival 2013(The Icon, Penthouse) 
  • Karnival Smile Malaysia Event 2014 (IOI Boulevard Puchong)
  • Be A Star 2014 
  • Music Tornado Festival 2014 Promo Show (Thai Club, KL) 
  • Music Tornado Festival 2014 (Mega Star Arena) 
  • Borderless Musical Beach Party 2014 (Redang Island - Terengganu) 
  • Backline Band for Will Ng at Borderless Musical Beach Party 2014 

Band Members 团员

Stev Yap - Vocalist (歌手)

Jin Chang- Leader/ Lead Guitarist (团长/领导吉他手)

Victor Low - Rhythm Guitarist (节奏吉他手)

Billy Toh - Drummer (鼓手)

Jay Chia - Bassist (贝斯手)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

About Puzzle Music 关于

Who is Puzzle Music? 谁
Puzzle Music, a Malaysia’s Cantonese Rock band, was formed in the year 2010. The bandleader also Lead Guitarist, Jin & Stev (Vocalist) formed the band due to his very own passion towards music. Through the journey, he met Incredible musicians Jay (Bassist) and Billy (Drummer). They decided to spread their love and passion towards music to the local industry. Later, they get to know another passion musicians Victor (Rhythm Guitarist). The band was then have a complete line-up. Puzzle members never give up in equipping themselves to the very best. Now, they are readying themselves to release their very own 1st original album!

Puzzle is capable to perform all kind of music. The style and concepts of the band are mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Western element and creative in mainstream music with their own personality character.

Puzzle Music,一个马来西亚的粤语摇滚乐队,成立于2010年。团长兼领导吉他手JIN和主音(Stev),组织了这支乐团来自于他本人对音乐的热诚。在旅途中,他遇到了难以置信的音乐家JAY(贝斯手)Billy(鼓手),他们决定把他们对音乐爱热诚广散当地。后来,他们认识到另外热诚的音乐家VICTOR(节奏吉他手)。乐队就有一个完整的阵容。Puzzle Music 的成员从来没有放弃把自己做到最好。现在,他们正准备发布自己的第一张原创专辑!


Genre 类型:
Rock, Pop, Disco, Funk, Indie, Experimental & Alternative.